Monday, December 29, 2008

How will we read our Christmas books?

Let me count the ways.

It's important that children discover that books can be used many different ways. Here's how we're using the books we got for Christmas.

*My husband and our son had a great time going through his new Guiness Book of Records, giggling over the disgusting records (biggest earthworm) and discussing the sports ones;

*We'll be using his new cookbook in the new year to bake some treats (and learn measurements);

*Our son loved his new, personalized book and was thrilled to see his picture on the back cover;

*Our son has already started reading his new Bailie School Kids series;

*He loved the Sports Illustrated for Kids Santa gave him in his stocking;

*His new joke books are going to keep us groaning well into the new year;

*Not to mention his puzzle book, Owl magazine, Space book with tons of facts about meteorites and planets, and Build It Bigger - a book about the world's largest building projects.

So he's got lots of reading options - to read alone, with mom and dad, to read to us aloud, or just flip through and look at the pictures. It was definitely a reading Christmas.

Hope you had a great holiday. We'll be taking a new bag of books (thanks, Julie!) to the Children's Book Bank in the new year so please do drop your donations off with me.


Michele K. said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of books in your house! Do you ever find it odd going to someone's house and they don't have *any* books about or on display?? I do. It's almost like the house isn't lived in unless there are at least a few (preferably well-loved) books somewhere at hand.

Ken said...

This sounds really cool to make in the house! I am hoping having a system like this will help my kid get better grades, he is quite slow in pickling up things but I would rather think he is distracted with stuffs around.