Monday, March 9, 2009

Great website - reading and math

I love Soft Schools.

A wonderful kindergarten teacher told me about it years ago, and I’ve used it ever since.

At Soft Schools you can create fun puzzles, tailor-made for your child, and then print them out or let your child do them online.

For instance, there are:
Word Scrambles
Use your child’s name, relatives, and favourite things in the puzzle. Hit “Generate” and it creates the puzzle for you to print out.

Phonics activities
Online flash cards and phonics games such as the phonics scramble using short and long vowels.

Right on the home page you can access connect-the-dots games, fishing games featuring subtraction, math worksheets, colouring pages with the alphabet, money worksheets and a great balloon pronoun online game. It also has activities dealing with science, geometry, fractions, chemistry, integers, rhymes, and lots more.

I often use the site to create math worksheets for my son, who loves to solve math problems. You tell it how big the numbers can be (for instance, no solution larger than 100) and it creates a worksheet so your kids can show you how smart they are.

No, that's not an out-of-focus copy of their logo - that's their logo. It's soft. Get it?

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