Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Project Bookmark" in Toronto

And to think, I was going to stop following Mayor Miller's tweets.

I'm glad I didn't, because today he was tweeting about an amazing enterprise called Project Bookmark Canada.

The project takes advantage of the incredible array of books set in Canadian locations. As the Project Bookmark website says, "when you walk through this country’s villages, towns and cities and explore the buildings and neighbourhoods, you are walking on fabled ground."

The organization is placing permanent markers, bearing fragments of text from Canadian literature, in the exact spots the text refers to.

Today they launched the first marker, Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion. The text is about a nun who falls from an unfinished bridge into the arms of a man, suspended below. The marker is located on the north-east corner of Toronto's Bloor Viaduct (near Broadview subway station).

OK, that's one for adults. The one they're doing after that (within the year, they're hoping) is Dennis Lee's children's poem, The Cat and the Wizard, at Casa Loma.
This will be an incredible way to view the city - and eventually the country - from a literary perspective, especially with your kids.
Now seriously, mayor. I love ya, but either you do too much in a day (entirely likely) or you're just over-tweeting. So maybe slow down, take a breather... knock it down to say, oh, just five tweets a day? Unless they're about literature, in which case go nuts.

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