Friday, October 30, 2009

Hallowe'en literacy

Some ideas for working literacy into your Hallowe'en festivities.

* Spell Hallowe'en. Talk about why it has an apostrophe (All Hallow's Evening). It's also interesting to note that many people no longer use the apostrophe and that's OK too. Kids are often surprised to learn that spelling evolves.

* Sort candy by type, or shape, or size, or grossness (personally, I put candy corn in that category. Yuck.) Sorting is a good math exercise.

* Do a Hallowe'en recipe together. A perfect combination of math, reading and - yum!

* Read Twilight (or another scary-type book) together.
* Google Hallowe'en. Why do we have it? Do all countries celebrate it?

* Dress your child up as a dictionary. Just kidding.

Some of the tips and the picture were provided by the ABC Literacy Foundation. How they got that little girl to pose with a rat - or is it a guinea pig? - I don't know. (You've got to look closely - it's on the book.) Scaaaary. Oh well - Happy Hallowe'en!

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