Tuesday, July 20, 2010

License Plate Game

Our family recently took an 11-hour car trip.

And guess what we did in the car? Played Julia's License Plate Game.

It was great! First of all, it took our son away from his DS video game (curse you, Pokemon!).

Secondly, it did exactly what Julia said it would - it got us creating goofy sentences and thinking about words. When you have to create a phrase with the letters "FTP" you realize there are so many possibilites.

It's funny, but the first phrase you create sticks in your mind, like "Frogs top poles" and you can't think of any word for the letter F other than frogs.

But then someone else comes up with a completely different word for F. My husband said, "For the people." And that created all kinds of new possibilities for us. Then we started on a bunch of "For the" sentences and that was really funny. "For the penguins." And then we morphed that one: "Free the people."

"Free the penguins!" (I just thought of that last one.)

Heehee. Fun game.

And no, incidentally, none of us ever thought of "that" F word. For pete's sake, people.
Photo: Sean Mack, Wikimedia Commons.


Ian @ Tidy Books said...

Reads like you had fun, and I can think of another word that begins with F, but it would be terribly inappropriate for the license plate game, and for these blog comments to be honest!

Joyce said...

Obviously you and I share the same gutter, because... check the fine print on my article, heehee!