Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NYTimes 10 best picture books

In time for holiday gift buying, three editors at the New York Times have published their choices for the "top 10" picture books of 2010.

I'm not sure I'm completely with them on this list. I mean, "top 10"? Out of everything, these are the ones? No Jeremy Tankard? So... as with any suggestions, take 'em with a grain of salt. But do check them out because no matter what, these books are no slouches.

The New York Times published excellent synopses for each book, here.


Jeremy Tankard said...

That's very kind of you Joyce. I actually didn't have a new book out this year so couldn't have made the list anyway (not that I'm presumptuous enough to think I'd make the list anyway). There are a couple of hilarious books on there though. I love Children Make Terrible Pets.

Joyce Grant said...

Oops - sorry; I thought that your board books came out this year.

Incidentally, the kids at our school's library ALWAYS have your books out... I'm forever reshelving them!

When's the next one coming out?

And, while I have you, is there any chance we can persuade you to post a wee piece of art on Getting Kids Reading? :)