Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trampoline - for your brain

Want to create a smart reader? Get your child on a trampoline.

According to brain researcher Bernadette Tynan, trampolines are so good for the brain, "even NASA astronauts use it to boost their brain power."

Trampolines improve your meta-cognative ability - your ability to "think about thinking."

That's because on a trampoline, you never land the same way twice. So your brain has to constantly work at keeping you upright. Thinking about staying in the middle of the trampoline or staying in synch with another bouncer, " gives the brain extra focus," says Tynan.

Regular sessions with a trampoline will help your child's brain's ability to focus, she says.

Tynan, of course, is the brains behind the wonderful TVO series, Make Your Child Brilliant. (I'm a huge fan.)
However, at this point, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Safe Kids Canada advises against backyard trampolines. More than 500 kids are injured by backyard trampolines in Canada every year.
So - a really brilliant idea? Go to a trampoline club like the Just Bounce Trampoline Club in Toronto, where your kid can get brainier and be safe all at the same time. Now that's brilliant!


Etoyszone Trampolines said...

Wow, we knew they were fun, and ofen parents say they are the best toys they ever bought, but good for brain too? We will have to change all our selling copy!

Joyce Grant said...

Lol - definitely!

You should get the book, "Make Your Child Brilliant." It has some good "trampoline-brain exercises" that increase the brain-activity even more.

PS: When you change your copy, don't forget to put "According to the WONDERFUL blog Getting Kids Reading..." :)

trampolines said...

I have been begging my mom to get me a trampoline. Maybe if I show this to her, she will finally say yes!!

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Trampolines fan said...

hi joyce cheers for the book suggestion. Also take a few searches on youtube there are some good trampoline videos on there.

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