Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GKR on Rogers Cable TV

Getting Kids Reading's first television interview!

I was invited to do a brief segment on Rogers Daytime (Peel Region), yesterday, with hosts Travis Dhanraj and Deja Gordon. It was very exciting - and nerve wracking, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spread the word about Getting Kids Reading.

I want to thank all of the staff members at Rogers Cable in Peel who made the experience easier for me.

For a couple of weeks before the segment, I prepped, got professional make-up tips from my friend (and freelance make-up artist) Kerry O'Hana, loaded up about a dozen literacy games and books and headed to the studio in Mississauga.

There, I waited in the lobby with Fred who was promoting a Cancer awareness event, a professional organizer, a snowboarder promoting a local ski hill, and a woman and her PR rep who were flogging a new Wonder bread.

Deja and Travis kept flitting back and forth between the studio and the offices. Travis shook our hands and asked us who we were and what we'd be talking about. It amused me to see him with one of those tissue collar-protectors to prevent his make-up from smearing his shirt. The last time I saw that, it was on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Remember Ted Baxter?

My eight-minute segment flew by incredibly quickly. We talked about the importance of literacy, and how so many parents are concerned that their kids aren't reading as well as they'd like. We also talked about some games, activities and books that are good for fostering a love of reading. And Deja pointed out that instilling good reading habits is a bit like getting your kids to eat healthy - you've got to have healthy options available, show them by your example, and do healthy activities with them.

Thanks again to everyone at Rogers, including Jake Dheer and Sandra Chabot.

For my first TV appearance, all I can say is I'm glad it's over - it was a bit nerve wracking.. Thank goodness Travis lead the conversation and kept the ball rolling. Anyway, now that I've had one under my belt, I'll know what to expect next time - and I'll leave most of my props at home (there was no time for them!).
Thanks again, Kerry, for giving me an all-important pep talk, and for introducing me to the wonders of concealer.


dualori said...

Congrats! Let us know when it is up on YouTube. :)

Christina said...

How exciting! Wish I could have seen the segment.

Joyce Grant said...

Thanks! I'll let you know when I can get the segment.