Sunday, January 17, 2010

Profile: Boy, 8, active, likes video games

Parents are always asking each other for book suggestions.
It’s a good idea, because what one child likes will often appeal to other kids of the same age and interests.

I’ve decided to profile some very different kids and ask them to share their top five books. When kids are forced to only list their top five, you get the absolute cream of the crop.

GKR readers will be able to compare their child’s interests to those of the profiled kids and they might find a new book that child would like, based on their top-five list.

I am sending out a request for profiles to my friends and neighbours. I’ve started with my son, getting him (rather than me) to describe himself. I think that his description is pretty accurate.

Interviewing him was really fun for both of us, and revealed some things about him that I didn’t know. For instance, he thinks he’s “a little lazy,” and “likes to show off.” I mean, I knew that but I didn’t realize he did.

I encourage you to interview your child(ren) using the categories below. Send us your results and we’ll post them on GKR. Not only will you find out what your child’s top five books are – a list that may surprise you – but you’ll likely learn some other things about your child in the process.

So here’s the first profile and his top five books.

Boy, 8 – reading level: above average/enjoys reading; Canadian

Athletic, energetic, a little lazy, I like to watch TV and play video games, I like to show off, I like to dance, I like eating, gracious, brave (ie, can perform in front of people).

Physical activities, music (rock, pop and metal), TV and video games

1) Harry Potter
2) Mysterious Benedict Society (there are three)
3) Hamish X
4) My Weird School (series)
5) Archie comics

If you know a child you'd like to profile, please send me an e-mail (joycegrant (at) sympatico (dot) ca) and I will send you the questionnaire. Interviews take about five minutes, and are really fun. I'd love to have kids from all over the world profiled - we'll all get some great book suggestions from each other!

It's not your imagination - I've changed this post slightly. I've added links to the books, above. A couple of the websites have related games and activities, so they're worth a look. -JG

Kids love to talk about themselves. Can you imagine how special a child feels when you sit down and ask him to describe himself - without interrupting or questioning his description of himself. And you'll learn more than you thought about your kid and about yourself.
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Jen Robinson said...

This is a fun post, Joyce! I look forward to future entries in the series.

Christina said...

Yes, very fun and helpful. I have a 6 yr. old daughter, but I don't think we've found her 'style' yet. She's a great reader, but she's losing interest fast. I'm very anxious to find a profile that matches her and try some new books.

Joyce said...

Thanks, Jen and Christina.

Would either (or both) of you like to interview a child for a profile?
If you're interested, I can send you the questions and a bit more info!

Christina - She sounds great! Maybe looking at her likes and interests would lead you to some good books or other reading material.

The other thing you may want to do is to ask her about books she's read recently and what she liked or disliked about them. Maybe they weren't challenging enough (ie, seemed babyish), or were too challenging (big words), or she didn't like the pictures, or they were too long - etc. You never know what she'll say about them. Anyway, that might set you on a path to finding good books for her. Good luck!

PS: If you tell me what she likes doing, maybe I can suggest something.