Monday, September 15, 2008


Would your child read a sentence if he knew he'd be rewarded with a Hershey's Kiss?

For kids who are really resisting reading, here's an idea that makes reading instantly fun and rewarding.

Hide a Hershey's Kiss in the child's room. Then, put a note on his pillow that says something like: There is a Kiss for you under your bed. Or, even more simply: Look under your bed.

Using words to find a Kiss gives your child an immediate reward for reading, and for kids who have never known that "reading pays off," it's a really visceral way to give them that feeling.

They may need you to help them sound out your notes the first couple of times, and that's fine - you've gotten over the hurdle of them not wanting to read at all. Try this whenever you feel like it - don't lock yourself into a weekly thing or it won't be fun for you any more.

If you don't like the idea of using chocolate, you can hide a non-food treat like stickers, Play-Doh or a Hot Wheels car. Or even just another note that says, "Congratulations!"

Of course, eventually reading will be its own reward.

But in the meantime - there are Kisses.
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Michele K. said...

I especially liked the reminder that the Hershey Kiss treat should be spontaneous and not a daily deposit!