Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nancy's Book of Poems

You may remember Nancy, from our Sept. 18 post. She's the little girl who wasn't terribly keen on reading.

Her mom and I discussed getting her to write about something she's interested in.

Well, Nancy and her mom took the idea and ran with it! We're pleased to present her first-ever book of poetry.

Here's a sample of one of her wonderful poems:

The leaves are falling
It's almost winter
And I see you
In the trees

I look outside
And all I can see
is flying leaves

So rest your head
On the pillow
It's time to go to bed
Throw the blanket
Over your head

She wrote four other poems as well, and illustrated them. And, she's been reading them out loud to her mom.

Her mom plans on getting the book cerlox bound (after first taking a colour photocopy). Nancy's school has an incredibly supportive librarian, who lets children put their books into the school's circulation system, with a bar code and everything, so other kids can check it out.

Way to go Nancy, and her incredible mother!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful success story. I hope to use these ideas with my own "reluctant reader". Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

That's great - please let us know how it goes. E-mail me at