Monday, October 27, 2008

Tag helps kids read, learn

"Tag" could be a great learning device for your not-big-on-reading child.

It's essentially a wireless, electronic pen. When you poke a special "Tag" book with it, the book talks. Kids can hear the story, listen to the characters speak, play games and identify words.

You have to use the Tag books, and currently there are about 20 of them including Click Clack Moo - Cows that Type, The Little Engine that Could, Diego, Spongebob Square Pants, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and my favourite - Olivia.

The system is a lot like LeapPad, which is being phased out. My son grew up on LeapPad, and to this day says things like, "Ginko leaves have been around since the dinosaurs." He learned that from LeapPad. Tag is like LeapPad except it's wireless.

Tag is also intuitive. Kids just poke the pen anywhere on the book to get the information they want. And, if this system is developed like LeapPad, there will soon be many more titles and games to choose from.

Tag is $59.99 (Canadian) at Toys R Us online.

It's also great because it works for a wide range of ages, from very little children (parents just have to make sure they don't rip the book), up to about grade 1. LeapPad also had books for older kids, and I'm hoping the Tag line will extend to higher grades as well.


Michele K. said...

Sorry, did I understand you correctly? Did you say LeapPad was being phased out? Why?

Joyce Grant said...

I think they've come up with new and better technology that's wireless. Essentially, Tag is LeapPad without the wires and the bulky unit you have to put the book into.
Unfortunately, Tag doesn't work with LeapPad, of course, so if you've got a lot of LeapPad books around they're now obselete - but my son's outgrown them now anyway. And I can pass along the whole LeapPad library to another child who will enjoy them.