Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Family Literacy Day

This is the day.

The day you and your child read together for at least 15 minutes.
The day you buy her a magazine, out of the blue.
The day you help your child write a letter (or an e-mail) to gramma.
The day you listen to your daughter read a book.
The day you subscribe online to ChickaDEE.
The day you set aside some books to donate to the Children's Book Bank.
The day you read the newspaper with your son.

The day you take a few moments to help your child be a better reader.

My son and I will be reading Harry Potter tonight. Last night Snape confiscated Harry's potion because he forgot to put hellebore syrup in his Draught of Peace. Tonight, I think we're going to have to sit through Professor Umbridge's class. She looks like a toad, with a pale complexion, runny eyes, a slit for a mouth and she always dresses in fluffy pink cardigans. Blech.

1 comment:

Michele K. said...

Well, you always have to appreciate the level of detail in the Harry Potter books!
As we also appreciate all you do to try and get kids reading!!
Keep up the great work!