Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I'm bored!"

We said it to our parents - your kid says it to you.

You've hated hearing it in the past. But the next time he says "I'm bored!" you're going to love it. Here's what to do:

The next time you're in a book store or a corner store, check out the magazines. Think about what your child loves - it may be video games, sports, cars, fashion, music, TV - this isn't about what you want them to like, it's about what they really do like.

Whatever it is, there is a magazine geared to it. And chances are, if they're not used to reading a lot, this will be a revelation to them. The magazine will have the latest information on their favourite subject. Imagine how exciting that will be for your child!

Buy the magazine and hide it in your sock drawer.

So now we come to the good part. It's raining and video-time is spent, and your child says, "I'm bored!" Go up to his room and quietly put the new magazine on his bed. Then come down and casually tell him, "There's something on your bed."

I guarantee you won't see that kid for the next half-hour. Left alone with that magazine, which contains all the latest information on his favourite subject - no matter how much he hates reading, he will read it.

Well done, parent.

After he's read the magazine, "what then?" you ask. How about a monthly subscription? Get him to fill out the subscription card, and take it to the mailbox. Or, next time leave a graphic novel on his bed. Or a comic book, or a novel. Or give him $10 and take him to Chapters to buy a new magazine. Fun! (Not boring.)

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Michele K. said...

Great idea! I especially like the fact that you're getting a magazine geared to what the child really does like, not just what you'd want them to like.