Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reading - more fun than making your bed

I often let my son break the rules by reading.

When I tell him, "it's time for bed," he knows that if he grabs a book, it'll buy him an extra half-hour or so. As long as his teeth are brushed and he's in his jammies, I'll extend his bedtime by a couple of chapters.

If he's been sent up to his room to make his bed, and I discover him reading instead... the bed can wait. And as long as I know his homework will eventually get done, he can delay that by reading as well.

In fact, many rules in our house can be "gotten around" by reading. Of course, the chores have to be done eventually - but in the meantime, my son is discovering that reading is more fun than cleaning up his room.

Reading is more fun than cleaning. I break my own rules as well, staying up late reading a good book. And it's a whole lot better than late-night TV.


Michele K. said...

I was up until 2 a.m. this morning reading in bed. There's nothing like a quiet house and getting swept up in a good story!

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Especially when you can avoid chores that way!