Friday, February 6, 2009

Great new books - the Bird is back!

Boo Hoo Bird
by Jeremy Tankard

Well, he's not grumpy any more but really, he should be, since in this sequel to Grumpy Bird, our little blue friend gets bonked in the head.

And, just as in the last book, it's Bird's friends who make him feel better.
Beautifully illustrated and lovingly written in a non-condescending yet kid-friendly manner, your child will love this new book by the very talented Jeremy Tankard.

(Here's a picture of my son five minutes after the book came into our house. Grabbed a glass of juice, and sat right down with it.)

Down the Drain!
by Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko

I always think that Munsch's books are best when they're illustrated by Michael Martchenko. The two play off each other's whimsical, weirdilicious style in a way that's very compelling.

As with his other books, Down the Drain features improbable situations, impossible goings-on and the kids come out on top. Of the parents.

Fun to read out loud, and fun for kids to read alone, Munsch books are always a home run. It's great when a new one comes out, because you can send it to your grandchildren without worrying that they have it. Do it quick though, because they soon will.

Click to order Boo Hoo Bird and Down the Drain from Chapters/Indigo.

Disclosure - Jeremy Tankard is an acquaintance of mine. Everything I said about his talent and his wonderful books still stands, though. I'd say he's brilliant even if I didn't like him so much. Also, did you know that Robert Munsch had a stroke a few months back? He's OK, and has regained his power of speech, although he says he still can't write new stories yet. Hang in there Mr. Munsch - it'll come back. It will.

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Michele K. said...

Thank you for the update regarding Robert Munsch. I had not heard he'd had a stroke, but I certainly join you (and many others) in wishing him a complete and speedy recovery.