Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to get mail

Getting mail is fun.

Remember when you were little, and some mail came addressed to you? It was fantastic! And of course, when kids get mail... they read it.

Here are some ways to help your child get some mail:

*You get mail when you send mail. Help your child send a letter or even a drawing to one of her friends, relatives or neighbours. (Neighbours don't even require stamps.)

*Send him a letter yourself. Let him get it from the mailbox when it comes.

*Subscribe to a kids' magazine. He'll get mail every month.

*Encourage your child to write to an author or even a politician. OK, a celebrity then.

*Help your child join a club, like the Toronto Blue Jays Kids' Club. They send regular newsletters. And tickets.

*Put in a call to gramma or grampa. They're usually good for a letter.

*Write to Santa. He always writes back.

Actually, do you know if Santa writes back in the off-season? Me neither. I think we'll give it a try. After all, he must be getting a bit bored around now...


Michele K. said...

Excellent idea!! Reading today's blog took me right back to when I was a child and my mother would say mail had arrived for me! It seemed so grown-up to receive mail!! Sure, it was usually a birthday card, but it was just so nice to get mail.

Anonymous said...

Even as an adult, I love getting mail. Well, unless it's a window envelope...

dorit said...

I love teaching my students letter writing. They can write letters to themselves (like in a diary), to friends in the class, to their favourite author (send to the author's publishing house), or even to the local MPs. I had a student write a letter to David Miller, thanking him for public transportation and cleaning the city's snow.